Saturday, 15 November 2014

Top Stress Beating Tips!

Stressful week? ...

...We've all had those! Here are a few helpful hints to get you back and your feet and enjoy life and get back on your feet!

1. Giving your pets a big hug- yup, it's true, studies have shown that pets have amazing calming properties which can reduce stress.

2.Eat healthy- A bag of chips and a bowl of choc balls, while sounding quite tempting, really isn't the best plan for an everyday snacking spree. Healthy food groups such as vegetables and fruits, have been proven to increase brain function, including your well being! But don't shy away from a tasty treat every now and then ;)

3. Keep Fit and Laugh- It's no secret that physical activity produces endorphins, but did you know laughing does too?? When you laugh, doesn't it feel as if nothing else in the world matters at that moment? Try and integrate some exercise somewhere in your life, and remember that there is always time to have a laugh! 

I hope this helped you guys a little ^^ Have a great day, and don't forget to laugh! <3

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