Saturday, 22 November 2014

Getting in touch with nature

I'm tired of being inside so much.

Just recently, I began to notice my countless hours of being cooped inside the house, mainly procrastinating since the year is almost over. One day while with my best friend, we decided to leave the living room and do the seemingly impossible... go outside.  We walked to and from the shops and stole some mulberries from her neighbours tree... that's not the best example of the benefits that some fresh air can give you, and i'm not suggesting that you go and steal things, because that's not right. But I had a lot of fun outside that day, and then, I realised how much I used to enjoy playing outside as a kid, and like I mentioned in a previous post, being a kid was awesome! And so now, every weekend, I spend a lot of time outside, soaking in the fresh air and getting in touch with nature. If you're like me, and spend unhealthy amounts of time inside, why not try going for a walk down the street, or jumping on your trampoline? 
The  sensation of your feet on the soft grass of your backyard

Nothing beats the flying fox I used to love. as a kid

Autumn can only mean one thing...

... The joy of throwing those dry leaves in the air, or kicking the pile of leaves your neighbour spent hours raking. 

This photo was taken a few years back, but I never grew tired of my much adored trampoline!

Hope you enjoyed this post, and remember to go outside and get in touch with nature! <3


  1. love the pics, looks so fun!

  2. Great post! c: x

  3. these pictures are so cute! lovely post, really truthful and it encourages me to go out but i can't seem to get away from this keyboard ;P i found you through zoe <3 and i love this post! i may just have to read some more!

    mind checking out my blog? i just recently started xx

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment Harel ^^ I'm on my computer a little too much as well, take it slowly and maybe start with studying outside or reading? Go at your own pace ^^ And if you like this post then I'm sure you'll enjoy my other posts and posts to come! It would be greatly appreciated if you followed my blog! Of course I will check out your blog! Best of luck!
    Stef <3

  5. This is a lovely posts, love the photos, really awesome x

    Your also invvited to join our blogger community -!

  6. Thanks so much! And i will definitely check out your blog! Thanks for taking the time to comment ^^