Sunday, 7 December 2014

Rainy days...

Rain is the last thing you expect during a summer, after days and days of heat waves and using up the electricity bill with the air conditioner. For most of you, rain means winter, and winter means hot cocoa, the heater and a good movie. But that's just not how it works when its Summer! It's still hot, and the warm couches really aren't an option right now. Your parents insist its not hot enough to put the air con on so the only choice you really have, is to go outside! And why not? A little rain never hurt anybody! I'm not saying run outside while its pouring and make wet grass angels, but its not like it's going to rain none stop right?

Here are a few things my family and I did outside on a rainy day.

A good game of basketball to keep us entertained on a weekend

mushrooms and capsicum ^^

My feet sloshed in the wet grass as I kicked the ball around the backyard

A tasty barbeque under the shelter outside 

My cat was ready to go back inside!
Hope you enjoyed reading, have a great day!! <3

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