Wednesday, 24 December 2014

MERRY X-MAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas everybody! Today is a great day to spend time with your family and friends, eat and unwrap presents!! I got some AMAZING gifts from my family and i hope you guys did too! And if you're inside the house and reading this post today, then finish reading, get dressed and go out with some friends and enjoy today because  Christmas is a special occasion we spend ages waiting for!

Here are a few Christmas themed photos I took for you guys!!

There were many gorgeous decorations like this in the local shopping centre!

This is our x-mas tree ^^

Now I definitely won't be bored during the holidays after getting hundreds of books from family and friends!!

A sweet pair of chucks that'll be living on my feet!

A beautiful and special gift from my dad! Best smelling perfume ever! Thanks dad :)

A CAMERA!!!!!!!! I'm so excited about this gift! Expect some major improvements in the quality of my photos!

A symbol those of you who've seen the show 'Heroes' might recognise!

Sending eclairs off to the neighbours! 

Christmas eve gifts (noche buena) 

The highlight of Christmas eve had to be the PAVLOVA!
Thanks so much to my awesome parents and family and friends for all the gifts you got me! And thanks to my grandparents and uncle and aunty, who got me two of the most beautiful dresses ever!!
I hope you enjoyed this post and have a lovely Christmas !!!! <3

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