Friday, 19 December 2014

Before Christmas....

So many things happen before the big day we all like to call CHRISTMAS! Carol nights, gift buying and parties! Today I invited some friends and we enjoyed a day of music, food, presents,basketball, and hanging out (as most teenagers do nowadays!).
But those few days before Christmas might mean anything for you guys! Tiresome gift shopping, preparing for that obligatory visit from your family or chilling with your friends and family!

"Easyway" was in the x-mas spirit!

And the florist got out her festive flowers!

The fireworks are never too far away at this time of year

A time when friends are drawn closer 

And share their obvious excitement for the holidays

A gift from my best friend

A time for food and music!

Hope you enjoy this post, and are as excited about x-mas as I am!!
Have an awesome holiday and hang out for my next post on Christmas day!! <3

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